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Rough Creek Ranch – Where every journey leads back to the heart of family.

Dive into the captivating world of the McDermott family with the humorous and poignant Rough Creek Ranch series. Engage with their heartfelt stories as they navigate life’s fascinating terrains of life, and death, love and romance.

The series is a delightful mix of passionate romance, rollicking adventures, and the indomitable power of family ties. Join in their triumphs and tribulations, share their laughter and tears, and witness the extraordinary love that glues them together – even when their individual journeys seem to lead them farther away than a lost cowboy’s boot from the ranch. Experience the humor in their exploits and the levity in their love, as they navigate through life’s ups, downs, and occasional cow tipping incidents, always finding their way back to each other.

Set against the landscapes of Idaho’s Rough Creek Ranch, each tale unfurls a unique romance within the rustic charm of ranch life. Get to know our valiant heroes and dynamic heroines, their lives intricately woven into a colorful tapestry of romance, familial bonds, and the enduring power of love.

For Carter, Morgan, Sawyer, Lanie, and Harper, the McDermott siblings, Rough Creek Ranch represents much more than just a parcel of land—it’s the essence of home. Regardless of the distances they traverse, they inevitably return to the comforting sanctuary of the ranch, a haven imbued with their parents’, Ben and Sadie’s love.

The act of returning home, usually following the blossoming of a new love, reinforces the ranch’s symbolic significance. Rough Creek is a mirror reflecting the robustness of their familial bonds, a testament to the depth of their love and unwavering loyalty for one another. Each journey back serves as a poignant reminder of the warmth, safety, and unconditional acceptance awaiting them in the familial embrace at Rough Creek Ranch.

Note: Snowbound Hearts a story born from the pages of Hollywood Cowboy, part of my Rough Creek series. The hero, Morgan Prescott, is a sexy cowboy and heartthrob actor who finds himself auditioning for a role in a film adaptation of Snowbound Hearts, written by none other than Blane Seward, fictional bestselling author extraordinaire. So, while this novel stands on its own, I hope those who have read Hollywood Cowboy will be delighted to see the storyline come to life.

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