Collection: Coldiron Cowboys

Cowboys, courage and the healing gift of love: welcome to Coldiron country. 

Escape to the rugged Texas backcountry with the Coldiron Cowboys, where romance and adventures await! Immerse yourself in a world where broncos are tamed, and hearts are set ablaze by the fiery passion of true love. With their updated covers and contents, these books will transport you to a world where strong-willed cowboys and fearless women collide in a whirlwind of passion and resilience. Get ready to be swept away by tales of unwavering determination, courage, and the remarkable strength of love.

In the newly released edition of The Heartbreak Cowboy, complete with the heartfelt prequel novella, The Cowboy’s Goodnight Kiss, follow Eleanor and McCrea as they navigate past heartbreaks and the power of true love. Experience the emotional rollercoaster of choices, second chances, and rekindled love as Eleanor and McCrea’s tale unfolds.

Join Jess Coldiron in The Fallen Cowboy, a story of resilience and redemption as he finds himself drawn to the beautiful Mallory Montgomery. As the Executive Director of the Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch, Jess must confront his past while navigating the sparks of passion ignited by Mallory. Can he surrender to love, or will the weight of old scars hold him back?

Finally, in Breaking the Cowboy, Dr. Louisa Coldiron—a veterinarian from a family of cowboys—faces her own battle of the heart. As she falls for the horses she rescues, she struggles to resist the allure of the enigmatic Brody Vance. Will Louisa find the courage to embrace the love and healing Brody offers, or will she let her past keep them apart? ***Be advised, this novel contains discussions and issues regarding infertility. 

A Cold Montana Christmas Paperback

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