Collection: Crossfire Canyon


I adore writing second chances, so I purposely wrote Colton and Lauren Ritter into the story when I drafted The Heartbreak Cowboy. The first two books in the Coldiron Cowboys series touched on the couple’s problems, but the heart of their breakup was a mystery. Colton and Lauren were high-school sweethearts who, because of his deployment overseas and the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, weren’t able to develop their relationship as a husband and a wife. I wanted to give them that while giving readers a moving love story.

My original plan was to write A Cold Montana Christmas as a standalone novel inspired by the Coldiron Cowboys series. But then Mia Ritter walked in to the opening scene of the book. From there, more and more unplanned characters introduced themselves and the small Montana town of Crossfire Canyon developed, as did the stories of those unplanned characters.

A Cold Montana Christmas Paperback

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