Collection: Dangerous Desire

Join the Dangerous Desire series for a wild ride of danger and desire!

Strap in for a wild ride with the Dangerous Desire series, a thrilling saga that artfully weaves love, action, and suspense. The series spotlights a close-knit crew of ex-military soldiers, hardened by the trials of the battlefield but not immune to the unexpected stirrings of love. They’re not just veterans; they’re survivors who’ve weathered life’s fiercest storms together, their shared history forging an unbreakable bond. Accustomed to combating danger, love represents a new and uncharted frontier for them.

With each new book in this gripping series, readers will uncover more layers of these guarded souls. As they venture beyond their military pasts, they will discover that true love is the greatest adventure of all. But life outside the battlefield is no picnic, and danger lurks around every corner. Yet amidst all the chaos and risk lies an ultimate reward - a love that defies all odds.

A Cold Montana Christmas Paperback

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